"What's really important about shamanism is that there is another reality that you can personally discover...we are not alone."

— Michael Harner

“Shamanism is not a belief system. It's based on personal experiments conducted to heal, to get information, or do other things.”


“Although academics heatedly debate the issue, in our view shamanism cannot really be considered a religion because it has no dogma, no organization, no sacred book, and no recognized leader nor does it have a single founder. While people of many religions practice shamanism, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and Jews, not all shamans are members of an organized religion.”


Rituals are techniques passed down from person to person or from Spirit to person in order to facilitate a specific outcome.  A Ritual can be augmented over time and distance to fit into local customs and religious views.

 Rituals can be elaborate with large space, grand tools and grand outfits.  It can also be more simple and mundane with little more than words and hand movements.

A Shamanic Journey is a meditation alone, and sometimes in group, where individuals travel as if in a dream while awake.  The destination can be places within “normal reality”, “non-ordinary reality”, an altered state, deep within one’s own self, or someplace yet untraveled.  The physical body stays in place or dances and the mental self is free to explore beyond the physical limits.  A Shamanic Journey does not require drugs, starvation or electrodes.  If you are able to sleep and/or “day dream”, than you can learn to Journey.

Shamanic Counsel is not very different from talking to a good friend.  As someone who practices Shamanic healing and Reiki, I do not keep records of my clients.  Everything stays confidential and if I feel that a subject comes up that is outside of my range of knowledge, I try to convey that information in a supportive way by following up with information on professionals that can help.

A Talisman is a device that as simple as it may look has great potential and influence in the world around it.  It works as a physical representation of an abstract idea or objective.  Every interaction with it helps re-align all who come in contact with it.  I see it like a barcode or URL for the mind.  Each interaction is like clicking and helps update the subconscious of living and non-living entities with the information or objective within the Talisman.