I solely use a Pressure Canner these days.  I have found that it has a wider range of food that can be canned and it is faster than a Boiling Water Canner.  A Pressure Canner has a lid that seals tight with a vent atop.  The vent has a pressure gauge or a jingling weight.  It is safe as long as you always check that the vent is clear before using.  It also gets very, very hot.

I can soups, fresh juices, peaches, tomato sauce and jams.  I try to can 50 pints of peaches and 50 pints of tomato sauce each year.  I can whatever I pick from my blackberry, elderberry, strawberry and mulberry harvests (in juice form) each year as well.  I do everything in Wide Mouth Pints.  They are meal size and easy to stack.





10 psi

30 min

Berry Juice & All Jams

5 psi

8 min


5 psi

10 min


10 psi

25 min


10 psi

75 min

Butternut Cubes (Qt)

10 psi

80 min

Tomatoes     Grape Juice     Beets