Reiki is a “laying of hands” technique developed by a scholar in religion who wanted to make some extra cash.  That is the story I heard and from what I can tell, it’s true.  

Reiki was developed to incorporate teachings from different religious sources into it’s own non-religious approach to healing.  It can be adapted easily to fit into any religion without breaking religious taboos.  

The basic premise is that the Practitioner of Reiki calls upon and channels a higher power, vibration, light, source or deity.  Then directs it to work on the client while receiving feedback in the form of visions, premonitions, sensations, or however else you talk to god.

I perform a version that does not make physical contact.  It takes me about an hour with my client laying on a massage table.  It ends with about 30 min of discussion and debriefing.  The 30 min are for the client to settle back into their body and to ask about anything they witnessed or felt during the process.

Energy work, like Reiki, is a natural human response of empathy.  Whether you see this work as a placebo, a miracle or something in between is of no consequence.  Scientific experiments have shown that placebos work even if the patient knows it’s a placebo; so why quibble over the source of the mechanisms at work.  Besides, current science that is mapping out the mechanism of empathy will surely unveil the mechanisms that are at use in Reiki.  

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